pool leak detection

Pool Leak Detection

We specialise in swimming pool leak detection & leak repair in the Johannesburg North & Midrand area’s.

Our specially trained pool leak detection staff are proficient at finding concealed leaks in and around
a swimming pool with minimal disruption to the property.


Leak Detection for swimming pools

Unusually high water bills and constantly having to refill the pool are signs your pool is leaking water. Water leaking from your swimming pool, spa or fountain can lead to costly monthly water bills and unforeseen repairs to damaged property like collapsed paving or sunken building foundations.

Our leak detection technicians use cutting-edge “non-destructive, non-invasive” leak detection technology to quickly and accurately pin-point hidden leaks located within a pools plumbing or its structure. Dependable, precise and meticulous, our leak detection service can save you money, save you time & save precious water.




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