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Leak Detection

Finding and identifying water leaks in and around a swimming pool is what we do best.


Is The Pool Leaking Water?

Underground water leaks can be caused by aging water pipes, corrosion, faulty installations, inferior materials or excessively high water pressures.

Common symptoms or easily noticeable signs a swimming pool is leaking include:

  • Unusually high water bills.
  • Visable cracks in the pool.
  • Damp spots on grass around pool.
  • Cracked/sunken paving around pool.
  • Pool always needs filling up.
  • System not getting proper suction.

Pool owners can also perform the bucket test to determine whether or not a pool leak exists.


Not taking action quickly can have very costly consequences for property owners with regards to property upkeep and maintenance.

The Bucket Test

Place a bucket on the top step in your pool. Fill the bucket to the same level as the water level in your pool.

the bucket test

Wait 24 hours, then check to see if the water level in the pool has dropped below the water level in the bucket. The difference between the two levels indicates the rate of water loss in your pool.

A difference of 10mm or more between bucket & pool water levels is a strong indication your pool IS leaking and lossing water.

Anything less the 10mm and your water loss is as a result of evaporation.

for leaking pools!

Our swimming pool leak detection expertise and knowledge comes from many years of servicing the swimming pool industry in Johannesburg.

Specially trained in pool leak detection, our technicians, accurately pinpoint all hidden water leaks in and around your home or business with minimal disruption to your property. That means no excessive digging. This non-destructive method of leak detection is highly precise and reliable.

We not only test the pipes using tracer gas and pressure testing equipment but we also do a full assessment of the pool structure as water can move through the smallest of openings.

Every leak detection includes the following:

pool leak detection dye testing Our highly trained team will preform a meticulous dye test and visual inspection both around your pool and also underwater. This process is used to identify leaks in the pool surface structure, in and around the weir, around the pool jets and inside and around the pool light.

pool leak detection pressure testingNext the pools suction, return and solar panel pipes are pressurized. The pool piping systems ability to hold a constant air pressure indicates whether or not there is a leak in the specific pipe line. Our team is fully capable of pressure testing even the most complex pool plumbing systems.

pool leak detection electronic equipmentShould a specific pipe system fail the pressure test. A leak detection technician will pump a tracer gas into the leaking pipe system and then using the latest electronic gas leak detection technology, pinpoint each individual leak accurately without the need for excessive digging.

pool leak detection
leak detection underwater

Our leak detection service is the fast, accurate and safe solution to all your leaking pool problems.

To book a service simply contact us or call Warren on 076 489 2007 today.